Making A Difference

Team Prostate is much more than awareness. It is the "What's Next" to awareness. We want to encourage everyone to make a mission of having the conversation about prostate cancer as often as possible with whoever possible, and the importance of knowing your health status. It begins with knowing some basic facts. It is not our goal to make suggestions or to give advice on medical questions. The website was design to provide direction for making the best decisions for each individual along with their family and their doctor.


So first step, make yourself familiar with the website and know how best to use it to help yourself and others to find answers to the many questions associated with prostate cancer.

Then share the website with others and encourage them to do the same. If you are serious about the role of navigator, we suggest that you begin by saving the site as an icon to your home screen. This allows quick an easy access and simplifies sharing with others via email or text messaging. It's quite simple. Here's how.

iPhone and iPad

Locate the box with an upward arrow



Open in Google Chrome. and tap the menu