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The American Journal of Mens Health conducted a study to look at the impact of social support and social capital on mens health, and specifically getting black men to undergo prostate cancer screening. 


  • Social Support: Speaks to and recognizes the increases in health care and screenings when approached as a supporting collective. Older men have consistently reported that family, religious organizations, civic organizations and partner are influential on a black mans decision to prostate cancer screening. People working as a team and the value of relationships.

  • Social Capital: The importance to promoting better health behavior by working together as a means to share information and resources. By working of as a community each individual has the ability to bring value of personal experiences and referred services.

Each of these mechanisms offer ways that men might be reached with information about screenings, feel social influences that encourage screening or that allow access to screening. 

Team Prostate creates teams that work within a closed social network that inspires and encourage accountability to each other. To provide resources and promote discussions. 

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