Vaccine Treatment

Sipuleucel-T (Provenge) is a cancer vaccine. Unlike traditional vaccines, which boost the body’s immune system to help prevent infections, this vaccine boosts the immune system to help it attack prostate cancer cells.


Provenge is the first and only FDA-approved immunotherapy for advanced prostate cancer. It is the only personalized immunotherapy treatment that is clinically proven to help extend life in certain men with advanced prostate cancer.

Provenge is an immunotherapy that takes your own immune cells and reprograms them to attack your advanced prostate cancer. This process delivers a treatment designed just for you.

Provenge has proven results as an advanced prostate cancer immunotherapy

In the clinical trial, which was known as IMPACT, that supported FDA approval, more men treated with Provenge lived longer than men not treated with Provenge.

  • Median survival was 4.1 months longer for men who received Provenge (25.8 months) than for men who did not (21.7 months)*

    • Provenge reduced the risk of death by 22.5% for patients in the Provenge group*

  • More men in the Provenge group (nearly 38% more) were alive 3 years after the start of the study than men not treated with Provenge*

  • 1.5% of men discontinued treatment with Provenge due to side effects

*Individual results may vary.


Possible side effects of vaccine treatment



Side effects from the vaccine tend to be milder than those from hormone therapy or chemotherapy. Common side effects can include fever, chills, fatigue, back and joint pain, nausea, and headache. These most often start during the cell infusions and last no more than a couple of days. A few men may have more severe symptoms, including problems breathing and high blood pressure, which usually get better after treatment.